The new world of work now starts from home

2020 has been a year of dramatic changes, and none more apparent than those in the working world.

Many of us have adapted and adjusted to working remotely, and all the signs are that this trend is set to continue. So, how has it been for you?

Pros and cons of working from home

There are good and not-so-good aspects to working remotely. No commuting, more time to spend with the family, more flexibility for organising chores and domestic life, lunch in your own kitchen when you feel like it, and home in time for dinner. On the other hand, if you’re competing for space to do your work, struggling with poor broadband connections or feeling a bit creaky from sitting all day on an unsuitable dining chair, you might be longing to get back to the office. And tranquil though it can be working at home, there is something energising about the camaraderie, exchange of ideas, in-jokes and gossip that make the best offices fun.

New £5,000 home working design package

At Millgate we can’t replace the office vibe, but we can make the workspace in your home a more comfortable and efficient place to be. We’re launching a fantastic incentive, worth over £5,000, that includes a personalised home office design scheme by Alexander James Interiors and superfast broadband and phone from Sky. It applies to many of the available homes across all our developments.

Professionally selected furniture, lighting and décor, and top-grade connections go a long way towards making home-working even more pleasurable. However, there are other considerations for getting the most out of your working day. For example, take a break, outside if possible, to rest your eyes and recharge the mind.

With Millgate, office life never looked so good

All our developments offer quick access to the surrounding countryside. As part of the Arborfield Green garden village, the houses at Hilborn are set in 95 acres of parkland and footpaths, so a lunchtime stroll or early morning run is perfectly feasible. Likewise our new homes near Warfield, Larks Hill Green, are also surrounded by open space, with footpath links to it from the development. In both locations, there are pubs, sports clubs and community activities close at hand too, enabling you to get more out of life Monday to Friday.

Learn more about Millgate's home working incentive here as well as the ways in which we can help you move. Alternatively please contact our sales office on 0118 934 3344.

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