Millgate’s Ten Top Tips to help you choose the perfect new family home

You probably thought that buying your first home as a single or a couple was a big decision… but now things have changed and there’s your family to think about too. Choosing a new home to meet everyone’s needs is an even more important decision to make.

At Millgate we’ve had 30 years’ experience in building homes, and many of our customers are family buyers. Over time, we’ve got to know what people should be looking for when they choose a new home, and family buyers of new homes have different boxes to tick than those without children.

1. Easy commuting – because you want to spend as much quality time with your family as possible. Whether you go to work by train, bus or car, travel time is a big part of your day and your budget. Look at Breedon Place for example. It has a village location in Pangbourne yet is well under 50 minutes by train from London Paddington.

Breedon Place, Pangbourne

2. Good local transport links – for getting to the shops, to school, to the doctor, the nearest big town or city, or days out and about. Even if you have a car, you may not always want to drive, and what happens if one partner needs the car for another journey?

3. Schools. When you have a young family, this is of the utmost importance. It could even be the first thing you look for when you are planning a move. Living in the catchment area of a well-regarded local school is of course an advantage; while some larger housing developments, such as Arborfield Green where our Hilborn development is located, are building new schools to meet incoming demand. Most state schools’ websites will give you the latest Ofsted rating, while does the same for the independent sector, and covers both state and private.

Hilborn at Arborfield Green

4. What’s going on in the area? Are there sports clubs, leisure centres, adventure playgrounds, a golf course, family-friendly activities for days out, Cubs and Brownies, a good library? Local community blogs are a good source of information, or websites like Mumsnet.

5. Green and pleasant. How close are local parks, wild places for walks, country parks, stately homes, the beach if you’re near the coast? Can you take the dog, your bikes? Some of our developments have their own private green spaces too. Parklands Manor and Kingswood are both set in more than 20 acres of parkland.

Kingswood, Acot

6. Your support network. How close are you to, or how easy is to get to, friends and family members such as grandparents? This is really important if you’re moving to a new area and don’t want to feel cut off from all that’s familiar. There’s always babysitting to consider too!

7. The community. Living somewhere that’s family friendly and feels safe is vital. You want the children to be able to play out safely and make new friends. Check out local crime statistics, and local forums to get a good understanding about an area from the people who already live there. Hilborn comes with a community included, as it’s part of the New Garden Village of Arborfield Green, with all kinds of amenities planned, including a school.

8. How local is local? Calculate the distance to the nearest supermarket, chemist, cash machine, post office, hairdresser, place of worship, GP, nice pubs and restaurants, independent shops and markets – the things you love and the things you need. Can you walk or do you need the car? At some of our developments, Breedon Place for instance, village shops are just a short walk away. And Larks Hill Green has the best of both worlds. It’s less than 2 miles from Bracknell’s shops, but there’s open countryside all around.

9. Who’s the housebuilder? Do they have a good reputation for quality and customer service? Do they offer ways to help you buy your new family home and sell your old one? At Millgate, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Each one of our properties is built with a passion for individuality, using hand-built craftmanship, coupled with a meticulous attention to design, specification and architectural excellence.

Larks Hill Green, Warfield

10. Explore the Millgate website OK, we’re biased! But this is where you will find out more about our developments such as Kings Ridge, overlooking one of Surrey’s most prestigious golf courses; Breedon Place, in the Thamesside village of Pangbourne; and Hilborn, a new collection of homes in the New Garden Village of Arborfield Green. You can also find out about the ways we can help you buy your dream family home, with schemes like Help to Buy, Chain Break, Assisted Move and Part Exchange.

If you would like to find out more on any of our developments call us on 01252 956 956.