Millgate site teams show their support for the NHS during this crisis

In normal times, personal protective equipment – PPE as we call it – is mandatory for the safety of our site staff at work.

But these are not normal times.

So we were extremely proud to hear about the initiative taken by all our site staff to rally round and donate supplies of face masks, protective goggles and gloves to our local Frimley Hospital.

Millgate’s Managing Buyer Gary Higgins took the boxes of these PPE items round to the hospital on 26th March, along with a note from Millgate expressing our gratitude and appreciation for everything our wonderful, hard-pressed NHS people are doing for us all.

Stephen Williams, Category Manager at the Clinical Procurement Department for Frimley Health NHH Foundation Trust, expressed his thanks thus:

“We are so, so grateful for the donation of protective masks and safety glasses. Please thank all the team for this kind gesture.”