Looking back, looking forward.

A year from now, will you be living in a new Millgate home?

Welcome to 2021. For most of us, last year was the most extraordinary one we’ve ever experienced. No one can predict what the year ahead will bring, but let’s say that at Millgate we’re cautiously hopeful.

A successful developer has to keep on planning way into the future, and we have some exciting new developments coming onstream, projects that were already in their early stages before Covid struck. So, one year from now, or even sooner, you could be living in your new Millgate home, and there are plenty to choose from.

New for 2021

We have already sold two apartments off plan at Beechgrove in Sunninghill village, and will be doing the main off plan launch at Beechgrove this year.

Other events for 2021 include the launch of Moat Farm, and The Woodlands Collection, which is phase 4 of our Kingswood development in Ascot and will offer a new collection of 4 and 5 bedroom houses.

Victory Fields is a similar story, in that it is a continuation of an already sought after development, this time as part of the new Arborfield Green garden village near Wokingham. Already selling off plan, our new collection has something for everyone, ranging from 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments to 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses.

The Stamp Duty Holiday, which had a positive impact on our sales, ends in March, and there are changes to Help to Buy as well. It will be interesting to see what effect these changes have.

The new digital reality

For Millgate, 2020 was mostly a case of business as usual, as we changed our ways of working to suit the new circumstances. Digital marketing has become an important tool and one we adapted to very quickly. We have held several virtual events now, including one on Help to Buy, working alongside our agents, which were successful and informative. We even sold a few properties purely off virtual tours alone.

Even when things return to normal, we feel it will be important to continue our focus on digital marketing including digital brochures, virtual tours, videos, social media campaigns etc. We have noticed more enquiries coming from the London direction, and virtual tours have been useful in discussing the developments and properties with customers, before they make the journey to see them for real.

One day, it would be nice to return to those traditional events when we invite lots of prospective buyers – the canapé evenings, Show Home openings and so on - as it does create a real buzz when Marketing Suites and Show Homes are busy with customers. But as with many things, we’ll have to wait and see if this will be possible.

Keeping us all safe

Mindful of everyone’s wellbeing, we’ve put in place all the safety precautions necessary in our Marketing Suites and Show Homes, inviting customers to personal appointments, then continuing the sales process online. We kept our Show Homes open over Christmas and New Year too – it’s always a busy time of year for housebuilders – with all the required safeguards of course.

Relocation, relocation

Nevertheless, we are confident that people will continue to move if they can, and the demand for pleasant, well-connected out-of-town locations will continue to be strong.

We have certainly had a lot of enquiries from people who have always been London based yet no longer need to live in the capital, as they are either working from home full time or only need to go into the office once or twice a week. We have also noticed that people with young families are relocating, as they want a change of lifestyle for them. We’ve found that all of these people are looking for more outside space and perhaps a study, or even a garden large enough to allow for an office building.

These are factors which apply to almost all Millgate’s homes. Even our apartments have private outdoor space and large areas of communal grounds.

And the coming year…

We’re looking forward to 2021, reviewing the situation as it changes and to meeting all the challenges that come along. If the restrictions continue for some time, we are prepared to work with them both with our marketing and our selling process.

A new Millgate home for the New Year…..now there’s a good thought.

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