It's official – Millgate provides Five Star Service

We are very proud to have just been awarded the Home Builders Federation 5 Star Rating.

The HBF is the ‘voice’ of the housebuilding industry in England and Wales, and fifteen years ago introduced an annual survey to record levels of satisfaction (or otherwise) amongst buyers of new homes. This led to the HBF’s Star Rating Scheme, with five stars being the highest accolade.

It is a key benchmark for the housebuilding industry, and a very valuable award, as it comes direct from the people who really matter: the customers. The scheme is completely impartial, so the home buyers who are surveyed pull no punches, and developers have nowhere to hide if their standards and service levels are unsatisfactory.

In our case, we are delighted to know that, most of the time, we get it right. But as every developer realises, there is always room for improvement, and one important function of the Star Rating Scheme is that it helps to drive up standards across the industry as a whole. This year, our new rating has contributed to an overall industry rating increase by two percentage points; an improvement for the third year in a row.

Millgate Managing Director Paul Beaney said:

“Millgate is proud to have received such an accolade, as it demonstrates our dedication to our product, which is clearly reflected in the feelings of our customers. Despite the current situation we will continue to drive forward and will never stop delivering the very best in service.”