Interior design trends we’ve embraced in 2018

Millgate is known for its love of timeless classics, high-quality materials and impeccable finishes. But what makes our homes really special is our seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

We like our interiors to be carefully crafted, and every piece of furniture and décor undergoes meticulous selection before ending up in a Millgate show home. Our preferred interior designer, Alexander James International (AJI), strives to create harmonious interiors without excessively coordinating the pieces. As a result, our show homes feature effortless pairings that embody elegance and the avant-garde - our Highfield show home in Lingfield is a fine example.

AJI has incorporated the latest trends into the design of this space. One of the highlights of the drawing room at Highfield is a feature wall created with the use of statement faux-texture cork wallpaper. It draws visitors’ attention to the mixed metals and asymmetrical shelving – both major trends in home décor.

Millgate’s generously-sized living areas enable you to furnish these spaces as you see fit without worrying about a lack of space. The living room of our show home at Kingswood, Ascot, features a large padded-leather ottoman – a stylish multi-purpose piece of furniture which is a good alternative to a coffee table; it can also be used as a stool.

A delicate candelabra chandelier helps keep the room airy and creates an eye-pleasing contrast against the majestic pieces of furniture. Candles are an essential element of the Danish hygge, helping create a cosy and intimate ambiance in which you can relax.

Use copper or bronze in homewares, be they vases, trays or mirror frames, to give your interiors a contemporary flair. These warm metals instantly draw the eye and are perfect for those who want to subtly incorporate trendy elements into the design of their home.

Our beautifully furnished show homes provide a wealth of design inspiration, whilst helping potential buyers make sense of the space they may choose to call their new home. Whatever the trends, our homes never cease to ooze elegance, comfort and opulence.