How can you increase the chances of selling your house?

We have some great tips – and one of them is using Millgate’s Assisted Move

Are you on the hunt for your dream Millgate home but have a property to sell? We can help get you moving, thanks to our Assisted Move scheme.

Not only does it take the stress out of moving, but we’ll also set up three independent valuations and work with you to agree a realistic selling price, as well as help find you an experienced estate agent, who knows your area, and uses the best marketing techniques to pull in plenty of viewings.

Marc Taylor, Interim Managing Director, comments: “Our Assisted Move scheme has proved popular with many buyers. In fact, at our Hilborn scheme in Berkshire, we’ve had multiple buyers looking to move here but wanted to maximise their chances of selling their old home, with minimum stress. Our Assisted Move scheme takes the strain out of selling and it’s a great way to help get you into your dream Millgate home as quickly as possible.”

What can you do to help make a house sell quickly?

First impressions are key. A recent survey revealed that it takes just five minutes to know whether you’d like to buy the house. A few simple tips to increase your home’s appeal to buyers include giving your front door a new coat of paint, adding some spring flowering plants (you can get ready planted ones from the garden centre), or adding reed diffusers throughout your home. Plus, don’t forget to hide away the children’s bikes and scooters!

A warm welcome

Once your potential buyers are inside, clean, tidy, fresh smelling spaces, especially in the kitchen, as well as spotless floors are key. Warmth and light in the hallway create a welcoming feel, and if it’s a chilly day, turn up the heating or light the fire if you have one.

Is it worth redecorating to help sell a house?

It’s not worth completely redecorating, although a lick of neutral paint on tired walls will work wonders. You can’t make your house any bigger, but a strategically-placed mirror can make a room feel larger and lighter, as can opening curtains to their full extent. Tidying away clutter and toys has much the same effect.

With your outdoor areas, you can bring out its best points by mowing the lawn and putting away anything that’s past its best or is cluttering the garden, like outdoor furniture or the BBQ.

What puts buyers off when they’re viewing a house?

A GoCompare survey revealed that signs of damp would deter 70% of potential buyers. If your house has this problem, deal with the source of the problem and redecorate.

Non-functioning lightbulbs and dripping taps should be fixed, and any unfinished DIY projects completed. Outside, clear drains and gutters, as this assures buyers that your property has been looked after properly. If possible, don’t let the family pets come and say hello - not everyone is an animal lover!

As the vendor, try to hang back and let the agent and the viewers take their time to look around. Of course you may answer any questions, but let the agent do the hard work.

Property Services company, Leaders Romans Group, comments: “This is a great time to put your property on the market, as thousands of buyers are looking to move for various reasons following the unpredictability of 2020.”

Assisted Move, working for you to sell your home

Interest and offers will soon materialise. If you have several offers, the team at Millgate will liaise with the agents to ascertain which are most likely to proceed.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our Assisted Move scheme is that, while all of this is going on, your new Millgate home is held for you for a pre-agreed period, meaning you won’t miss out on the home of your dreams - it’s ready and waiting for you to move into!

Find out more about our Assisted Move scheme on our ‘Move with Millgate’ page or take a look at our new homes to get your dream move started.