Alexander James Interiors create Halloween magic at Parklands Manor

We have created our first ever Halloween theme interior, and we are very excited about it.

We’ve enlisted the talents of Alexander James Interiors to create our first ever wonderfully evocative Halloween themed interior at Parklands Manor, our collection of homes and apartments near Oxford.

Our halloween theme at Parklands Manor promises to be quite an event, combining AJI’s artistry and sense of drama with touches of witty humour.

Parklands Manor is the perfect place for Halloween dressing. The Victorian Manor House, where the apartments are situated, has an imposing front door, opening onto a grand entrance hall with high ceilings, ornate wooden beams and a Gothic stone fireplace. It’s almost a stage set for a Halloween drama.

Let’s just say your spine will be pleasantly tingling as you encounter candles and lanterns, scary beasties and ghostly figures as well as the occasional Trick or Treat surprise!

AJI are more usually known for their impeccably elegant show home schemes. The Millgate Halloween project is something really different for them, and they are pulling out all the stops for us. The company’s Head of Marketing, Rachel Clark, said: “Alexander James Interiors were very excited about styling Parklands Manor for Halloween. The traditional features of the building, such as the original entrance to the property and the fireplace in the entrance hall, inspired us to create key focal points in our Halloween décor.”

Imagine dressing your own dream Millgate home for Halloween. AJI has some original ideas for creating an atmosphere of luxury and warmth with just a hint of seasonal spookiness. They include using autumnal colours including jewel tones and burnt oranges for soft furnishings such as cushions and throws, to create the perfect foundation for a Halloween theme. Twinkling autumn lights draped across furnishings or doorways, and white cobwebs draped over light fixtures, artwork and fireplaces all add to a dramatic elegant look. Think Gothic glamour – candles in dark coloured vases, black and white accessories, even a ‘Halloween tree’ made from black branches with dried leaves, festooned with cobwebs and spiders.

Not forgetting pumpkins! Strategically placed mini sizes in orange and white make for a chic contemporary look. Place an array of bigger ones on your doorstep, or make an arrangement of various sizes in the fireplace, or on the staircase.

To experience our spooky Halloween interior at Parklands Manor, why not come along and see us. Happy Halloween!