First impressions at Hilborn, Arborfield Green

The Dowling family explain why they fell in love with their new Millgate home

Meet the Residents: The Dowling Family at Hilborn

Kelvin and Lisa Dowling, along with their son, Cillian, and dog, Hoshi, moved into their new four-bedroom home at Hilborn in March 2020. Here, we chat to the Dowling family about what they wanted in their new home and neighbourhood, and why they ended up choosing Hilborn – a new development within the thriving garden village of Arborfield Green.

What drew you to Hilborn at Arborfield Green?

“Our families both live close to Burnham, as do all of Cillian’s friends, so when we started our search, we always had our hearts set on staying in the area. We didn’t have any luck finding something that met our needs, so decided to expand our search. That’s when we came across Hilborn at Arborfield Green. It was a tough choice to leave our family and move out of Burnham, but we knew we wouldn’t find anything better.”

What was your first impression?

“We loved everything about the property – each and every detail has been carefully considered, from the flooring and open plan layout, through to the appliances in the kitchen. It was exactly the home we’d been looking for. The wide range of facilities on the doorstep and the high-specification of the homes made the development incomparable to anything else we’d seen.”

A new school for Cillian was one of your top priorities – how did that inform your property search?

“Being close to a good school was the one factor we weren’t willing to compromise on, but we were both really impressed with the school at Arborfield Green. One of the things we loved most was that Cillian could walk there in just ten minutes - something we’ve not had the luxury of before. He’s already made lots of new friends, with many of them living within Arborfield Green too – it’s been such a relief that he loves the school.”

What was it like settling into a new community during a national lockdown?

“When we went out walking around the neighbourhood, we immediately knew there was a strong sense of community – several neighbours stopped to say hello which was a lovely start to life at Hilborn. We felt right at home from the moment we moved in.”